ARE YOU NEW?  CURIOUS?  Come on in, the water’s fine.

Never fear, we have you covered, literally.

Our local activities are not in costume, so no worries there.

If you choose to join us at an event, we have loaner clothing and feast gear available with notice.  Someone will plan to be accessible to you at the event for questions and introducing you to the fine members of our Kingdom.

Check out the Links page on this site for more information about the SCA.


In Cookeville, we meet monthly on the schedule below.  A Google Calendar for the Shire can be found on the tabs above.

  • (TBA) 1st Thursday Arts & Sciences – This can be classes on just about any topic, group activities, or even armor workshops.
  • (TBA) 2nd Thursday Potluck – just like a family gathering or church supper.  This is a social for our group.  Sometimes during the summer we add a fighter practice to it. 
  • (TBA) 3rd Thursday Arts & Sciences
  • 4th Thursday Business Meeting

Three times a year there is a 5th Thursday and that is a wildcard as to what we do.

We are in the process of adding archery to our schedule.  Dates and times will be posted in the private FB Shire page as is all other activities.  Dates and times will be random while we figure out what works best for our populace.

We try to have fighter practices each Sunday during the month weather permitting, but it is a flexible schedule. Practices are announced through our Facebook group. You can contact our Knight Marshal directly if you would like to receive notification outside of Facebook.

  • (TBA)Primary location is Dogwood Park either behind the History Museum or behind Borden Jewelry.
  • (TBA)Secondary location is Walnut Park.  This happens when the park is at capacity, our normal sites are taken, or when the heat/humidity is high.
  • (TBA) Tertiary location, varies.
  • Dreary weather days can become other group activities.


Members of the Shire of Easaraigh are working to bring additional activities to our schedule.  In the near future we hope to offer a regular archery/live weapons program, youth combat, and rapier.


The Shire of Easaraigh is very lucky to be situated among several close groups.  Typically ten months out of the year there are one or more events hosted within a two hour drive from Cookeville, TN.


Daytrip events are a single day, happening on Saturdays.  Typical events start on Friday evening and end Sunday morning.  A few events run longer, with the longest being over 2 weeks in August.

The Saturday dates are given, however, these events may be daytrips or multiple day events.  This is an unofficial list.  The official Kingdom calendar, found here, is the final say for our region.   Almost all events have Facebook pages created for them, as well as web pages listing information about the event.

Events are on the Kingdom Calendar found here.