Arts and SciencesOpen

ChatelaineEllen de Lacey

HeraldElysant of Axbridge

Knight Marshal – Eoin Mac Cana

Live Weapons MarshalA’sa Kolbr’un

Minister of ChildrenConstance Saxham

ReeveA’sa Kolbr’un

SeneschalEllen de Lacey

Social MediaEllen de Lacey

WebministerEoin Mac Cana

Arts and Sciences: the officer that helps with education and knowledge sharing as it pertains to medieval studies.
Chatelaine: an officer who helps new members learn about the SCA.
Herald: the officer who helps participants come up with SCA names and arms; or the official who makes announcements on the field, or is the Master of Ceremonies for court.
Marshals: a specially trained person(s) who oversees combat activities for safety purposes.
Minister of Children: the Minister of Children is responsible for fostering the education of the children of Meridies between the ages of 5 to 16 on medieval activities and the Society.
Reeve: the officer serving as treasurer for a group.
Seneschal: the officer serving as “president” of a local group. Acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.
Social Media: the officer that administers the shire’s social media presence.
Webminister: the officer that administers the shire’s web page.