Crowns Favor Awards x2 – belated post

In 2019 and 2020, the Shire was awarded the Crown’s Favor for efforts in support of Meridies and the reigning monarchs.

Award of the Crown’s Favor: given to territorial groups or households in the kingdom who have either served the kingdom directly or set worthy examples of behavior. Recipients may attach to their group’s device a small pennon: Argent, on a pale sable a mullet argent. This award may be received multiple times; each time another mullet is added to the pennon, up to a maximum of five. For each additional award, the mullets are changed one by one to gold.

Our second award was presented at Iris Faire in April of 2019 by King Sebastianos and Queen Morgan.

Our third Crown’s Favor was presented in a virtual court in May this year by King Boru VI and Queen Fianna.