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A message from the Autocrat – Warden’s Challenge V…

Sorry this has taken so long to post, but I was trying to get all my thoughts together, which can be difficult when real life work life takes over. But there are many I want to thank.

I want to thank the Baron and Baroness of Glaedenfeld, Their Excellencies, Maitre Jean-Azriel du Corbier and Maitresse Ysabel de Saincte-Croix, for attending our event. Glaedenfeld has always been very supportive of us and that means the world to me and the Shire.

I want to thank Mongo Blackheart for being the Live Weapons Marshal and running his Find Eion shoot. I want to thank Katerina of Sørøya and Ricard of Glaedenfeld for running the Youth Shoot, IKAC, and Royal Rounds. Sir Griffin O’Suaird thank you for running both of your shoots. They looked very challenging and fun.

Thank you Ronan of Axebridge and Elysant of Axbridge for running troll. It was such a relief knowing it was in great hands.

Thank you Medb with the Wolfdog for bringing the yummy breakfast treats and most of all, the coffee!

Thank you Mistress Ellen DeLacey for running the hall and helping me keep things straight during our event meetings. I would have been lost otherwise.

Thank you Padraig Brun for Heralding with the wonderful rich voice you have.

Thank you Kelcie of Easaraigh for taking on the job nobody wants to do but still must be done.

To our feastcrat, Asa Kolbrún, you did such an amazing job with all the food. I was stuffed to the gills but kept eating the smoked pork anyway. Thank you Constance Saxham and Samantha of Easaraigh for all the help you gave in the kitchen.

Thank you all the teachers for the classes and salons you gave. I really wished I could have joined some.

Thank you Mistress Arianne Lightheart for making youth combat available.

Thanks to Sir Hrothgar of Mercia, for runny heavy fighting on the baseball field. I’m glad you love the field and hopefully it will get more use in the future.

To our missing Warden of the North, Eoin Mac Cana , thank you for allowing us to have so much fun with your face.

To the populace, thank you for coming and spending the day with us. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Lastly I want to thank my Laurel, Mistress Constanza Consuela Ximena de Valencia . This was my first time autocratting a live event and I was scared to death. She gave me tips and tricks and sage advice when needed. She even talked me off the ledge when I thought I was losing my mind. Without her I don’t think I would have made it through it all.

To anybody I might have missed, thank you.

Lady Ceri Adain

Regional Practice – Thank You!

On behalf of the Barony of Glaedenfeld and the Shire of Easaraigh, the Marshals and Stewards of the Regional Practice would like to thank all those good gentles that came out to share time with us in Sparta, TN today. It was great to see your fun and enjoyment. We hope you all have a safe journey home. Well met, friends!

Warden’s Challenge IV – A note from the Autocrat…

Nocked and Loaded, what can I say?

You made my feet hurt, my knee hurt, and my back hurt, but you also made my heart swell with joy and pride.

The joy came from seeing so many people in person that I hadn’t seen in a while, from seeing new and older people taking classes and smiling, watching kids and adults alike cast arrows down the range while they cheered and goaded each other on, and then watching others eat and talk while they renewed and created new friendships. This was the SCA I remember. The pride I felt came from watching people do their best to put on this event and seeing them show up late Friday afternoon to move tables, chairs, and such. Being there with them as they gathered Saturday morning to set up the ranges, put up the netting, get Troll ready, preparing the Feast, etc. and then helping throughout the day as everyone did their assignments with all their hearts and love for everyone attending. It made my “job” as the autocrat go so much smoother and easier (especially for the first time of doing it). This was the SCA I remember.

So, having said all of that – thank you to everyone that attended and everyone that helped! You are all the SCA I remember and I’m so excited to be in this Dream with you!


Ld. Ronan of Axbridge

Squire to Earl Benen Mactire

Business Meeting – 12/23/2021

At tonight’s business meeting, Ellen Delacey was voted in as our next seneschal replacing Asa Kolbrun in January.

Also at tonight’s business meeting, we voted on a new exchequer. Asa Kolbrun was voted in as the shire’s next reeve replacing Ceri Adain in January.

Good luck to you both!