Warden’s Challenge IV – A note from the Autocrat…

Nocked and Loaded, what can I say?

You made my feet hurt, my knee hurt, and my back hurt, but you also made my heart swell with joy and pride.

The joy came from seeing so many people in person that I hadn’t seen in a while, from seeing new and older people taking classes and smiling, watching kids and adults alike cast arrows down the range while they cheered and goaded each other on, and then watching others eat and talk while they renewed and created new friendships. This was the SCA I remember. The pride I felt came from watching people do their best to put on this event and seeing them show up late Friday afternoon to move tables, chairs, and such. Being there with them as they gathered Saturday morning to set up the ranges, put up the netting, get Troll ready, preparing the Feast, etc. and then helping throughout the day as everyone did their assignments with all their hearts and love for everyone attending. It made my “job” as the autocrat go so much smoother and easier (especially for the first time of doing it). This was the SCA I remember.

So, having said all of that – thank you to everyone that attended and everyone that helped! You are all the SCA I remember and I’m so excited to be in this Dream with you!


Ld. Ronan of Axbridge

Squire to Earl Benen Mactire

WCIII in HD – It’s a wrap!

Thank you all for attending this years virtual event, Warden’s Challenge III…Now in HD! We greatly enjoyed sharing knowledge and laughs with you. But alas, it’s time to go. Our success is through your kindness and generous gift of time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”

― Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet